Introducing our New App: Live Wallpaper!

"Live wallpaper  helps you to apply Transparent Live Wallpaper to your screen. It will show your background screen from back camera and make your device seem as Transparent Screen.It also provide a wide range of live wallpaper for your phone.Transparent Wallpaper will absolutely give you entire new experience.

You can use your phone as usual, while being able to see the live image of your camera transparently on the entire screen. You can see anything behind your phone or tablet.

Introducing our New App: Fashion Mirror!

"Fashion Mirror is an awesome app that turn your phone screen into a mirror.Don't want to carry around a mirror just to check your appearance or put in contact lenses? Everything else is on your phone, so why shouldn't your mirror be too?

Why is this Fashion Mirror app better than using your phone camera?

    ✓ Simpler to use than your phone's camera
    ✓ One-touch lighting control
    ✓ On-screen zoom function

Introducing our New App: Fun Puzzle!

Fun puzzle is a jigsaw game with beautiful pictures in a wide variety of categories. You can also create puzzles from your own photos. This premium quality app is the perfect choice for lovers of jig saw can also make puzzle of live movements by clicking picture of them and this app convert them into funny puzzle.

Introducing our New App: Paint House Draw It Easy!

"Paint House Draw it easy" is an interesting drawing app that helps you to make cool drawings from your phone.The coolest feature of app is you can draw on your favorite images.

If you Want to draw something but you have no paper This app will suit you perfectly. Just pick a color and draw .

Paint House Draw it easyhave different styles paintbrush and color library.Help you to creating the perfect drawing.

Introducing our New App: Video 2 Foto Changer. (2/2)

"Video 2  Foto Changer"helps you to capture images from your favourite video and you can easily share those with your friends. (video to photo / video to image). We can say this app as:

► Video to photo converter
► Capture images from Video
► Photo editor

How Video 2 Foto Changer App Works!
- Select Videos from video gallery screen or capture video from camera
- Selected/Captured video will then automatically shown into various frames
- Select your desire video frame which further contains sub images related to that particular frame and choose your desire photo.
-Then apply cool effect and other manipulations on select photo and either share with your friends or save to your local disk.

So, don’t worries Video 2 Foto Changer application through you convert your video to photo and also share this photo with your friend.
Thank You!!

Introducing our New App: Ghost Sound Analyzer! (1/2)

"Ghost Sound Analyzer is a dual functionality  application for measuring sound volume in decibels(dB)  and for prank with your friends and surprise them with scary feature of app i.e find ghost.

This application in real-time shows current value of sound volume. 
The main indicator shows current sound volume value and giving short explanation of it.
Also there is decibel graph  in the bottom part of screen.

 IMPORTANT information about Ghost Sound Analyzer. This tool is not a professional device to measure decibels. The maximum measured values are limited by the hardware limitation, and very loud sound (100+ db) cannot be recognized. And Find Ghost feature is only a prank.

Remember that Ghost Sound Analyzer app is only for fun and please use it as an auxiliary tool.

Why should you Choose Android for your Mobile OS?

"You know how sometimes you are just hanging out with your friends and you start talking about tech stuff, and somehow, out of nowhere, they start arguing about WHICH OS IS THE BEST. Usually “the battle” is fought between Android and IOS. If you are on board with Team Android, we present you few arguments you can use against your friends and they wouldn’t be able to say anything about it, ‘cause they’ll know you are right. Let’s begin!
Android, gives you options – if you are looking to buy a new smartphone, you have a BROAD RANGE OF PRODUCTS, FROM LOW-BUDGET TO HIGH-END ONES. However, if you haven’t made your decision yet, be sure to research phone performance and efficiency, as well as battery durability, since these parameters vary with the phone’s price. You can choose from different brands such as Samsung, HTC, Lenovo, Huawei, Motorolla, Alcatel and more, and have the phone of your dreams.

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