Why should you Choose Android for your Mobile OS?

"You know how sometimes you are just hanging out with your friends and you start talking about tech stuff, and somehow, out of nowhere, they start arguing about WHICH OS IS THE BEST. Usually “the battle” is fought between Android and IOS. If you are on board with Team Android, we present you few arguments you can use against your friends and they wouldn’t be able to say anything about it, ‘cause they’ll know you are right. Let’s begin!


Android, gives you options – if you are looking to buy a new smartphone, you have a BROAD RANGE OF PRODUCTS, FROM LOW-BUDGET TO HIGH-END ONES. However, if you haven’t made your decision yet, be sure to research phone performance and efficiency, as well as battery durability, since these parameters vary with the phone’s price. You can choose from different brands such as Samsung, HTC, Lenovo, Huawei, Motorolla, Alcatel and more, and have the phone of your dreams.


You gotta love widgets! They make Android users’ life so much easier. With no extra time (except for arranging your desktop) you can just click the icon on your desktop (for weather, time, etc.) and the application will open.


Don’t be so tight up, it is good to share! Android knows you don’t like to share too much with others, so it got you covered. Since Android Lollipop 5.0 release, you can use multiple users option. This means that you can have a GUEST ACCOUNT with whom you are not allowed to share information. You can also create ‘children account,’ or the account that will have limited access to your phone. In this way, your kids can watch their favorite videos or play a game or two without interfering with your stuff.


We all need a hand when it comes to day-to-day life, and sometimes we just don’t want to deal with people. That’s why Google created Google Assistant. Android has Google Assistant and iPhone has Siri. Even if they are completely different, they are both quite handy. Since we’re talking about Android here, let’s see what Google Assistant can do for you. It will provide you with various information, call someone, schedule an alarm, send text messages and emails. Keep in mind that, recently, these assistants can be CONNECTED TO HOUSE GADGETS, such as heating and lighting devices, so whenever you decide to buy a phone, make sure to purchase the one that can work with your home appliances.


There are so many different apps in Google Play Store that you can choose. According to official Google data, there are 3 MILLION APPS IN GOOGLE PLAY at the moment. A few years back, Android users had to wait for some apps to appear in the Google Play Store, long before they appeared in App Store. But, times have changed! Android market is leading and setting trends nowadays.


If you are worried about your data being shared with some other companies – don’t even considered it. Although iPhone has always had a good data encryption, Android has worked on that since its sixth version – Marshmallow. FROM MARSHMALLOW AND ON DATA ENCRYPTION WAS MADE MANDATORY. Now you can rest assured that your data are secured and encrypted on every Android device.


If there is one thing that Android made easier compared to other operating systems, that would be clearing cache. You just have to enter Settings, find Applications and click on Applications Manager. There you can see how much internal storage each and every app takes and with JUST ONE CLICK CLEAR CACHE. Do we have to remind you that iPhone doesn’t have this option and that you have to delete the app and install it again to clear cache?


Want more room? No problemo! ANDROID PHONES USE MICROSD CARDS to enlarge your storage. If you have up to 16GB of storage, you can always add more – with the memory card up to 128GB. For this, you will probably pay up to $30 maximum. This is a straightforward and elegant way to make more space for your phone related stuff. On the other hand, if you wish to have more space on your iPhone you will have to choose a more expensive model and pay a few hundred dollars more to have more gigabytes.


If all of these arguments haven’t convinced your friends that Android is the best mobile OS out there, you can always use the last one: market share. Let’s face it – Android has larger market share than any other OS, and that is no secret. According to Jim Martin from techadvisor.comANDROID HAS ALMOST 80% OF MARKET SHARE, compared to iPhone’s 20%. This argument has gotta hurt iPhone lovers, but you can’t beat statistics!

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